GPD Pocket

New, stylish, small. Released in 2017, the GPD pocket has no historic significance yet. Still, it’s an adorable piece of technology.

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(not-actullay Historic) Overview

GamePad Digital launched the GPD Pocket in 2017, after pitching it through an Indiegogo campaign and raising  some 3.5 million US dollars, sky-rocketing the fundraising goal by well over 1500 %.

GPD Pocket

Little can be said on the GPD pocket from a historic perspective, as the device doesn’t come with anything special from a technology point of view that would make it stand out. It didn’t make it’s imprint to history yet. In fact, at its core the device comes with little more than the technology known from more recent Netbook generations: It’s powered by a current generation Intel Atom x7-Z8750 CPU running at 1.6 GHz, supporting four cores. The Pocket sports a 128 GiB eMMC SSD and a whopping 8 GiB of RAM. It has a retina-type 7″ touchscreen display running at a full HD 1900×1200 resolution. Plus it comes in a very elegant and sturdy aluminum type casing closely resembling the Apple MacBook of recent years.

So, the specs are OK for such a small device, it’s not the breakthrough, but certainly the RAM size is more than interesting. Even todays post-Netbook style convertible devices typically come with 2 GiB only, so the added RAM is in fact a big surplus, and so is the Display and the more than appealing casing.

Sure, comparing it to an outgrown desktop computer of 2018, this machine is again no power house. But it doesn’t have to be anyway, it’s a device intented to be small and light enough to be taken everywhere.

This is in my opinion the most interesting aspect about the Pocket however, and the reason it’s in the collection despite definitely not being vintage yet: Its incredibly small footprint. The GPD Pocket really fits into the backpocket of your everyday jeans. Yes, it does. It packs all that thechnology in such a small tiny package, which makes it comparable to historic handheld computers like the HP 200LX or the Atari Portfolio.

And it’s capable of running a fully fledged Windows 10, or Ubuntu Linux, bringing some real value here. While handheld computers in the past typically ran some stripped down or crippled operating systems (Windows CE as an example to this), the ability to run the “real” operation system on the GPD Pockets opens the device to the vast amount of x86/x64 software available today.


The PHINTAGE Collection currently holds a GPD Pocket.

VendorShenzhen GPD Technology Co., Ltd.
ModelGPD Pocket
Original Streetprice550 US$ / 500 €
Dimensions18cm x 10.6xm x 1.85cm
Builtin Displayyes, 7″ WUXGA, 1920×1200 Pixels
Builtin BatteryYes, 7000 mAh
CPUIntel Atom x7-Z8750 @1.6 GHz (up to 2.5 GHz Turbo Boost)
Storage128 GiB eMMC Flash
Network SupportWiFi 802.11a/b/ac/g/n, Bluetooth 4.1, Gigabit Ethernet (via USB Dongle)
USB1 USB 2.0, 1 USB-C
Video Output1 Micro-HDMI
Operating SystemWindows 10
Overall Conditionnew
Restoration Parts neededno


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