Acer Aspire One D250 “M-Budget”

Migros is Switzerland’s larget retailer, offering a broad variety of food and non-food products. During the netbook era, Migros also sold branded Netbooks to its consumer base.

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Historic Overview

Being of Switzerlands biggest retailers, Migros offers anything from food to non-food. One of their many brands is the M-Budget line (german), which is, as the name implies, the budget line. Not necessarily bad products, but sporting a very unique branding and being price sensitive, the brand has gained a cult following over time in the domestic market.

M-Budget Acer Aspire One D250

As part of their M-budget brand, Migros brought along the Acer Aspire One D250 netbook, which was pretty much a standard netbook for the time. It’s unique value comes from the branding, that was applied to the Netbook display cover, clearly making a statement.

Now, did it appeal to price sensitive customers? Potentially, yes. The branded variant asked for 333 Swiss Francs, whereas the non-whitelabelled original Acer variant cost 399 Swiss Frances.
If this price gap was worth the “stigma” of the M-Budget cover, lies in the eyes of the observer. But as mentioned, the brand gained some cult following in Switzerland, so it’s well possible that some people really bought it because it was different and made a statement, and not so much to save 60 bucks.

Other than that, the D250 is pretty much a standard netbook, coming with the usual Atom N270, 1 GiB of RAM, 160 GiB HDD, and a 10.1″ LCD wide screen LCD with 1024×600 resolution. As opposed to the earlier ZG5, which came with Windows XP, this edition already ran with Windows 7 Starter Edition.


The PHINTAGE Collection currently holds a Acer Aspire One ZG5.

VendorMigros M-Budget (Acer OEM whitelabel)
ModelM-Budget Netbook (actually: Aspire One D250)
Original Streetprice333 CHF (whitelabel variant)
399 CHF (original Acer variant)
Weight1.07 KG
Dimensions25.85 x 18.4 x 2.54 cm
Builtin DisplayTBD
Builtin Batteryyes, 22mAh/23Wh
CPUIntel Atom N270 @1.6 GHz
Storage160 GiB SATA HDD
Network Supportbuilt-in Wifi, FastEthernet and Bluetooth
USBYES, USB2.0 (3x)
Video Output1 VGA
Other1 Audio IN 3.5mm, 1 Audio OUT 3.5mm, 1 SD card slot
Operating SystemWindows 7 Starter Edition
Overall Condition
  • some minor wear on the case, but overall very good condition
Restoration Parts needed
  • replacement battery
Benchmark Results


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Coming soon.

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