Casio Cassiopeia Fiva MPC-102S

It’s obvious, the Japanese seem to have a faible for ultra portable devices. In the mid 90s, Casio entered the market with pocket PCs and ultra portables, to compete against Sony and Toshiba.

Atario Portfolio / DIP Pocket PC

Eight years after the introduction of the bulky heavyweight IBM PC, bringing an impressive 12 kilogramms to the gage, the DIP Pocket PC / Atari Portfolio packed the same specs down into a featherweight 505 gramms. Quick Links:… Read More

Sony Vaio PictureBook PCG-C1VE

Building ultra mobile computers always pushed the limits. With the PictureBook, Sony set the stage, with a unique and advanced design, standing out of the grey and boring world of the time.

Sony Vaio U101

Sony produced an impressive amount of ultra portable devices. The Vaio U101 is yet another from the UMPC series, available in Japan only, offering incredibly small portability for it’s time. Quick Links: Historic Overview Specs Gallery Downloads Historic… Read More

HP 200LX

In the tradition of their famous calculator line, and long before the iPaq and the Jornada have seen the light, HP produced a set of x86-based handheld computers capabale of running MS-DOS. Quick Links: Historic Overview Specs Gallery… Read More