Toshiba T3100

The Toshiba Corporation of Japan has a long-standing tradition in technology leadership in many areas such as power, electronic components, consumer electronics, batteries, and many more.It was only natural such a huge enterprise would not skip the computer… Read More

Compaq Portable III (286, Model 40)

Up until around the mid 1980s, the typical “portable” computer was literally a desktop-style case with a carrying handle. The Compaq Portable III marks a turning point, introducing a more compact format and reduced weight. Quick Links: Historic… Read More

IBM PC Convertible 5140

In 1986, IBM shed the light on the IBM PC convertible. Lighter and smaller than the IBM PC portable, this new device set the tone for generations to come, and is in fact IBMs first ever laptop computer.

Halikan LA5040

Chaplet Systems offered the LA5040, a 386-based portable in around 1989. While in many aspects similar to the Toshiba  T5100, this device originally offered something the Toshiba didn’t have: A built-in battery.

Bondwell Model 8

In the early 80s, Bondwell Computers was known for producing luggable computers. With model 8 they released the first laptop style computer in 1985.