Apple iMac G3 (second generation)

The iMac G3 started it all, leading Apple away from near bancruptcy and making it the multi-billion dollar company it is today. Let’s look one the iMac, that left an imprint in computer history. Quick Links: Historic Overview… Read More

Apple iBook SE

What began in 1998 with the iMac and it’s ground-breaking translucent design, saw the continuation in 1999 with the introduction of the playful “clamshell” iBook.

SGI 230 Visual Workstation

Silicon Graphics, renowed for building highend graphical UNIX workstations, entered the Wintel world in 1999. Why? Competition. Here’s one of these results: A medium prices standard PC, in a SGI-branded tower-case. Quick Links: Historic Overview Specs Gallery Downloads… Read More

Casio Cassiopeia Fiva MPC-102S

It’s obvious, the Japanese seem to have a faible for ultra portable devices. In the mid 90s, Casio entered the market with pocket PCs and ultra portables, to compete against Sony and Toshiba.

Sony Vaio PictureBook PCG-C1VE

Building ultra mobile computers always pushed the limits. With the PictureBook, Sony set the stage, with a unique and advanced design, standing out of the grey and boring world of the time.