Every collector has a whishlist, and so do I. Here’s the things that I’m looking for.

  • SGI Workstations
    • Indy (acquired 2017)
    • Octane 2 (acquired 2017)
    • SGI 230 (acquired 2019)
    • Indigo 2 (Aqcuired 2021)
    • SGI 320 (or 540)
    • O2 (acquired 2023)
    • SGI Zx10
    • SGI Fuel
  • NeXT Station (acquired 2023) and NeXT Cube
  • Olivetti Quarderno (acquired 2023)
  • Early 80s & 90s IBM PCs
    • IBM 5150 (acquired 2021, see also YT playlist)
    • IBM PC Portable 5155 (acquired 2018/09)
    • IBM 5160 PC XT (acquired 2022/09)
    • IBM 5170 PC AT
    • PS/2 generations
      • IBM PS/2 P70 (acquired 2023)
    • 1990s Thinkpads
  • Sharp PC-3000 & PC-3100 (acquired 2021)
    • PC-3000 and external floppy drive still wanted!
  • NEC ProSpeed CSX
  • The Poqet PC (not to be mistaken with the later Windows CE Pocket PC)
  • Sony PictureBook (yes, the one with Transmeta Crusoe CPU) (acquired 2020)
    • but I would like to have another VGN-C1, as the display on mine is unfortunately broken
  • Any sort of Ultra Mobile Computers
    • i.e. like Toshiba Libretto (acquired 2018, but looking for spare parts for 100CT models)
    • GPD Pocket 2
  • Netbooks
    • HP Mini
    • Sony Vaio VPC-W21C7
    • Dell Inspiron Mini
    • MSI Wind U100
  • Compaq machines
    • Compaq Portable 386 (acquired 2021)
      • backside expansion chassis still wanted!
    • Compaq STE (acquired 2021)
    • Compaq Portable 486
  • HP 110 & 110 Plus (acquired 2022)
  • Data General One (acquired 2022)
  • Toshiba T1100, T10, Portege, Libretto W100
  • Generally, portable computers of the 80s and early to mid-90s era
  • Apple machines
    • “clamshell” iBook G3
      • Key Lime + Tangerine
      • Chargers
    • Classic SE/30 (acquired 2023) / Classic II (acquired 2021)
    • Mac Cube (acquired 2021)
    • Original iMac G3 (acquired 2021)
    • Original PowerMac Bluew&White G3 (acquired 2023)
    • Apple PowerBooks of 90s era (some acquired 2023)
    • modern post-90s PowerBook/MacBook generations (some aqcuired 2021)
  • CP/M machines, like …
    • Kaypro 2 (acquired 2022/07)
    • Osborne 1 (acquired 2022/09)
    • CP/M cartridge for the C64 (acquired 2023)
    • Altair 8800 (replica acquired 2021)
  • Terminals
    • DEC VT180
  • Handheld PCs in general, DOS-based but also Windows CE-based
    • HP 300LX
    • HP Jornada 680 / 720 / 820
  • PDP-11 (“PiDP-11” replica acquired and built in 2021 & 2022)
  • CBM SX-64 (acquired 2023)
  • Old Shuttle “barebones” (yes, the cubic shaped mini computers)
  • Atari STacy
  • General items
    • any original software packages, manual, boxes, floppies, CD-ROMs, etc
  • Other items
    • Sony UMPC UX *stand* (I have the device, but not the stand)
    • VOBIS/HIGHSCREEN machines, especially a HIGHSCREEN COLANI TOWER (486 or P-60) machine of around 1994/1995
    • I’m furtherly looking for a TOWER case machine, preferably with a an early Pentium-generation Mainboard already equipped (Pentium-S 60-200 MHz, so around 1994-1996 period)
    • I’m looking for an 8-port VGA KVM (preferrably including the cables) with PS/2 and USB connectors, optional: DVI and audio connectors
    • Quantum Bigfoot IDE Hard Drive 1.2 GiB
    • Network Equipment, in particular

Also, I’m looking out for specific replacements parts for current machines in the collection, see the actual pages for details.

Well, yes, the list is long.
If you like to donate something, please go by this premise:

  • Is the object still working and in somewhat good shape (lest some minor scuffs and marks, given the age, yes, that’s totally OK)
  • Is it defective? It may be OK for me to get it, as I may be able to fix it and make a repair video on my YT channel. Please describe it as accurately as possible, and then we’ll see.
  • Is it some ~40 years to ~10 years old?
  • Anything more recent than ~10 years may be OK, but I’m rather selective as I’m definitely not looking for the 10-gazillionth Dell Latitude everyday-notebook from 2014 … 😉
  • And yes, I do also look for components of all kinds …
    • I would love to get my hands onto a floptical drive and disk media
    • MO drives and media would be nice too
    • Does someone have internal IDE/ATA ZIP drives?
  • If you are thinking to ask me lots of $$$$: Don’t even bother asking me, sorry. I can’t really spend a fortune on acquisition. So if you want to strike a good deal, you’re better off selling it on eBay then. Free is appreciated, small symbolic price may be ok, depending on what it is and the overall condition.
  • Donators can opt to be mentioned by name on my YT channel
  • If you have something to donate, I’m happy to organize transport, or pay for shipping expenses, or if you’re in Switzerland, I’m happily buying a beer!

2 Comments on “Wishlist

  1. I have a Bondwell model 8 laptop computer. It has an external drive (3.5 inch). 220v, 110v, and 12v power supplies. The external drive seems to work, but the 3.5 inch drive in the laptop does not seem to work. How much do you think it is worth? I live in Sheboygan Wisconsin, USA.

    It also has a printer cable, and external monitor cable.

    • Hello Richard,

      Hard to say what it’s worth. It all depends on condition, i.e. how much wear it has, and also what’s broken, and what still works, and how rare / how commodity it is.
      I’ve been seeing the Bondwell 8 on eBay for prices in the 600€ / USD range even for heavily used ones. But that’s fantasy price, not reality!

      These asking prices may work only i.e. if the device is pristine, comes with the original packaging, original disks, and is in totally perfect (like new) condition.

      But otherwise, used devices will never score these fantasy prices, and may rather be in the range of 50 – 100 €/USD range, maybe 150-ish.

      The Bondwell 8 was surely less common, and thus may score a bit higher.
      But in the end it all depends on what buyers are willing to pay for it.


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