Asus EeeBox PC

The Asus Eee series saw many variations, one of which was the EeeBox PC, an inexpensive and compact desktop computer of the Nettop category.

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Historic Overview

In June 2007 Asus introduced the Eee PC at the Computex Taipei, with the three “E”s in the name representing the tag line “Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play”. Not too long after, other variants like the EeeBox PC made their debut to act as desktop-oriented counterpart to the Eee netbook series.

Asus EeeBox PC
Asus EeeBox PC

As typically for this class of devices, the EeeBox PC features the Intel Atom N270 CPU with a 1.6 GHz clock, accompanied with a merge 1 GiB of RAM and a 80 GiB hard drive. Earlier models of the series saw Intel Celeron clocked at 1.2 GHz, and later models sported more powerful Atom revisions inluding the D2700 dual-core variant with 2.13 GHz clock speed.

The EeeBox PC hosts a feature called “ExpressGate”, a bare minimum linux desktop that is available as an instant-on feature. It offers capabilities for webbrowsing, chat, skype and other features, that would not require to first boot-up into Windows XP.

When operated from Windows XP, then the EeeBox PC behaves like any other ordinary computer. With built-in Ethernet and Wifi, 4 USB ports, Audio In/Out and DVI, it brings everything along needed for a desktop. Of course, the Atom CPU is not a powerhouse, so it’s only meant for lightweight tasks, or to act as a terminal thin client.


The PHINTAGE Collection currently holds one EeeBox PC.

VendorASUSTeK Computer Inc.
ModelEeeBox PC B202
ReleasedDecemver 2008
Original Streetprice429 CHF
Weight1 KG
Dimensions22.3 × 17.8 × 1.6 cm
Builtin BatteryNo
CPUIntel Atom N270 @ 1.6 GHz
RAM3 GiB (originally: 1 GiB)
Storage80 GiB SATA
Network Support1 WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/draft-n, 1 FastEthernet
USB4 USB 2.0
Video Output1 DVI-I
Other3-in-1 card reader, headphone port, microphone port, power adapter connector, Gigabit Ethernet port, Wi-Fi antenna connector, SPIF, output
Operating SystemWindows XP
Overall Condition– Case has some minimal signs of use
– Stand is missing
Restoration Parts needed
  • replacement stand
Eee PC 4G (701)


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