Atario Portfolio / DIP Pocket PC

Eight years after the introduction of the bulky heavyweight IBM PC, bringing an impressive 12 kilogramms to the gage, the DIP Pocket PC / Atari Portfolio packed the same specs down into a featherweight 505 gramms. Quick Links:… Read More

Sony Vaio PictureBook PCG-C1VE

Building ultra mobile computers always pushed the limits. With the PictureBook, Sony set the stage, with a unique and advanced design, standing out of the grey and boring world of the time.

Sony Vaio U101

Sony produced an impressive amount of ultra portable devices. The Vaio U101 is yet another from the UMPC series, available in Japan only, offering incredibly small portability for it’s time. Quick Links: Historic Overview Specs Gallery Downloads Historic… Read More

Compaq Portable III (286, Model 40)

Up until around the mid 1980s, the typical “portable” computer was literally a desktop-style case with a carrying handle. The Compaq Portable III marks a turning point, introducing a more compact format and reduced weight. Quick Links: Historic… Read More

HP 200LX

In the tradition of their famous calculator line, and long before the iPaq and the Jornada have seen the light, HP produced a set of x86-based handheld computers capabale of running MS-DOS. Quick Links: Historic Overview Specs Gallery… Read More

IBM PC Portable

It’s 1984: One year after Compaq market entry with its own portable, IBM was forced to draw along to keep their market share. So they shed the light on the IBM PC portable, an luggable computer built on… Read More

HP OmniBook 800CT

Following the HP 95, 100 and 200 series, HP’s calculator division devised the OmniBook 300, an ultra-light yet ultra-portable computer, the smallest of its time. Let’s have a closer look at a later generation model, the 800CT.

Compaq Presario CDS 524

There’s a long history of all-in-one computers, dating back to the Apple LISA and the Macintosh in the early 80s. Here’s a 1994 version of an all-in-one PC compatible, the Compaq Presario CDS524.

Highscreen Colani BlueNote II

Following the success of the Highscreen Colani BlueNote, german retailer VOBIS launched the BlueNote II, which was more than just a minor update.

Toshiba Libretto 50CT

The Toshiba Libretto was an instant smash hit when first released in Japan. But not soon after, this super-tiny portable computer was also released to other markets, where it’s found a strong following.