Highscreen Colani BlueNote

In 1993, german retailer VOBIS hired designer Luigi Colani to give their computer lineup a more appealing and distinct look. One result of these efforts was the Colani BlueNote. As VW said years later: Blue makes happy.

Highscreen Notebook 386SX-25 (Halikan NBA386SX-25)

German Retailer VOBIS was once popular, with some 800 branches accross Europe, pushing the HIGHSCREEN brand into many households. Here’s a HIGHSCREEN notebook which brought an appealing design to the clunky world of notebooks.

Compaq LTE Elite 4/75CX

With the LTE line, Compaq was among the first to offer portable computers with the base dimension of a paper sheet, coining the new term “Notebook” to describe smaller, less bulkier Laptops.