Compaq Mini 701

Literally every vendor played the game during the Netbook era, with the Hewlett-Packard Company being no exception. With the COMPAQ brand belonging to HP since 2002, the Mini 701 was their second stake to acquire market shares.

HP 200LX

In the tradition of their famous calculator line, and long before the iPaq and the Jornada have seen the light, HP produced a set of x86-based handheld computers capabale of running MS-DOS. Quick Links: Historic Overview Specs Gallery… Read More

HP OmniBook 800CT

Following the HP 95, 100 and 200 series, HP’s calculator division devised the OmniBook 300, an ultra-light yet ultra-portable computer, the smallest of its time. Let’s have a closer look at a later generation model, the 800CT.